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Audit & Assurance

When you work with a Corporate FinEdge auditor, details matter — down to a hyper-granular level.

Our audit assurance approach goes beyond reviewing financial statements of profit and non-profit organisations. We dive deep into your business operations: covering statutory audits, sales audits, internal audits and certification to ensure complete compliance.

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Our Capabilities

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    Non-profit Organisation Audits

    For Non-profit Organisations in Singapore, we provide specialized audits that are compliant to Singapore's non-profit regulations.

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    Public Company Audits

    For Public Companies — as required for companies listed on Singapore stock exchanges, Corporate FinEdge will act as your registered accountant and perform detailed audits to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain investor confidence.

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    Revenue Recognition Audit

    To ensure adherence to accounting standards and regulations, Corporate FinEdge can do an examination of your revenue recognition practices.

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    Sustainability and Environmental Audits

    Corporate FinEdge is fluent with Singapore's environmental regulations and industry ESG standards. We can provide an assessment of your company's environmental practices and sustainability initiatives, to ensure compliance.

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    Special Purpose Audits

    Corporate FinEdge can help you conduct audits for specific purposes, such as assessing the accuracy of royalty payments, calculating damages, or determining compliance with contractual agreements.

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    Due Diligence

    During mergers, acquisitions, or investments, Corporate FinEdge can help you do a thorough examination of financial statements and related data, to assess risks and opportunities.

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    Forensic Audit

    Corporate FinEdge can provide an In-depth investigation of financial records to uncover potential fraud, embezzlement, or financial misconduct.

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    Compliance Audits

    We can do a complete verification of your company's compliance with industry-specific regulations or legal requirements.

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    Internal Control Assessment

    Get a complete evaluation of your company's internal controls and processes to identify weaknesses. We will also recommend improvements to enhance financial reporting integrity.

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    Financial Statement Audit

    Corporate FinEdge can do a comprehensive review and verification of your company's financial statements to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.

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